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Leica Geosystems Infinity Software

Tools and guides for Leica Geosystems Infinity GNSS/TPS processing software

  • Infinity - Code-list created from Third-Party ASCII

    Often, it is necessary to import a code list from a third party/external system (i.e. AutoCAD, MicroSurvey AutoMap) into Leica Infinity.  The attached guide will outline steps in doing so....

  • Internet Download map In Infinity

    In Leica Infinity, the question is often asked which pin color represents which service on the Internet Download map in the GNSS processing's Download option: Clearly there are many markings and the m...

  • Creating a Geoid Field File (.gem) from an NRCAN geoid model:

    A Geoid is the equipotential surface of the Earth’s gravity field which best fits, in a least squares sense, global mean sea level.  The Geoid Field File enables the user to utilize a Geoid Model that...

  • LGO installation on Windows 10

    Through recent updates/revision of Windows 10, during some instances it will cause older version of LGO installation to hang on the satellite availability.   To remediate this, the process must be ter...

  • Import GPS Vector from Infinity to Starnet

    The link below show how to export baseline vector from Leica infinity and import to Startnet.

  • Import GPS Vector from LGO to Starnet

    The link below shows how to export baseline vectors from LGO and import to Starnet for post processing.

  • Point Symbols in Infinity

    Here are the point class symbols in Infinity...