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Check & Adjust on the Leica TS15/TS11

Leica instruments are manufactured, assembled and adjusted to the best possible quality. Quick temperature changes, shock or stress can cause deviations and influence the instrument accuracy.  The Check and Adjust procedure is very important to project as it provides the customer with the ability to field calibrate every total station.

When would you perform the procedure:

  • Before the first use after the instrument has been shipped by any courier service
  • Before every high precision survey (for example.. high precision traverse)
  • After any rough or long transportations to a job site
  • After a long period of storage of the instrument
  • After a long period of use of the instrument (a reminder can be set on the instrument for different periods of time)
  • When the change in temperature of the working environment is more than 36° F (20° C) between the working temperature of the last calibration and the current working temperature. In other words if the working environment temperature changes by 36° F (20° C) since the last calibration you need to perform the Check and Adjust routine

The following is a guide on how the procedure:


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