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What is the difference between port 10000 and port 11111 in my SmartNET connection?

SmartNET has capacity to broadcast Multiple Reference Frames, which allows the ability to fit with areas of high dynamic movement (e.g. California) and with compliance/legal requirements  for other locations.  (e.g. British Columbia)

Specially in BC,  SmartNET can broadcast in Epoch 1997, and Epoch 2002

The different Epoch is found when selecting port 11111. (With the smartnet IP staying the same)

 Generally speaking, in the SmartNET lingo, port 11111 is consider a MRF (Multiple Reference Frame) mountpoint.  These specialize mountpoints are structured in the following way:

With MRF Mountpoints, SmartNET now have the ability to allow a customer to select the mountpoint that best fits to their needs. For example,  a user on Vancouver Island can select change their RTK settings to connect to port 11111 and select  Epoch 1997 mountpoint.    A customer can utilize mountpoints on port 10000 but would likely need to perform a new transformation, localization or calibration to adhere to the statutes.  

With MRF Mountpoints on port 11111, a customer will immediately receive a correction utilizing the either NAD83(CSRS) Epoch 1997.00 or NAD83(CSRS) Epoch 2002.00.

For more information on Multiple Reference Frames, please visit SmartNET support knowledgebase article:

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