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GS14/16/18 Base & Rover UHF Configuration

Here's are two quick-guides for a step-by-step base/rover setup with Leica Captivate system:  One with Internal UHF radio on the GS sensor,  and one with External UHF base radio with a Internal UHF Rover.

In cases for internal UHF radios bases, although the base or rover sensor can be interchangeable as long the base sensor unit have a internal Satel M3-TR4(+) or M3-TR3(OEM22 or 20), they can be configured to transmit using their internal radio. See RTK Internal UHF Base Rover Quickguide for more details.

Other configurations/setup can also be used (For example, using a Satel HPR2/3 external radio), See RTK UHF Ext Base Rover Quickguide  for more details.  


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