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GNSS Sensor Firmware Update

As new firmware is released, it is always highly recommended for users to update their GS sensors (e.g.  GS14, GS18i, T, GS16 etc...) to the latest version.   The new firmware often will  provide amid of software improvements such as new features and bug fixes and as always, keeping firmware up to date will help the GS sensor perform at its best.    

Before you begin the process of updating your GS, it is ALWAYS important to make sure the CCP end date will allow you to update the Firmware in your GS.  This can be checked on MyWorld:

Any CCP update request can be directed to any member of our Spatial Technologies' Sales Team.

The following is a video that was done by Leica Geosystem Support team and it illustrates how to update the firmware of the Leica Geosystems GNSS Sensor through the web interface.

There is also a quickguide attached in below article which also outlines all the steps in updating the GS.    If there are questions, please contact us via


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