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LGO installation on Windows 10

Through recent updates/revision of Windows 10, during some instances it will cause older version of LGO installation to hang on the satellite availability.   To remediate this, the process must be terminated from the task manager (the application is already installed and in this step database content is being validated for the new version). 

The reason for this is the installation hangs on the Satellite Availability as it fails to write a registry to the local machine (Windows 8/8.1/10 is more restrictive) therefore this registry must be created manually.   

Steps to resolve:

  • terminate installation
  • execute manually the ChartFx registry which can be will need to be request through support (select correct registry for 32 or 64 bit machine and edit the registry editor version if needed according to the one installed on the PC then run the file by double click)
  • start LGO (no need to run the installation again)

Alternatively, please use Infinity if possible as Leica Geo Office is not officially supported on Windows 10.  

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