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Broadcast Coordinate Updates - US & Canada - January 6, 2020

SmartNET will be instituting changes to their Broadcast Coordinates to all their stations effective JANUARY 6, 2020.

This information has been relayed via three separate webinars hosted by SmartNET, and the details  can be found on SmartNET's knowledgebase article:  


There are areas where significant velocity changes were noticed that could have impacts of 5+ centimeters on some station. With this said, other stations could have only a 5 millimeter change in its coordinate.  On average the change to coordinates is approximately 1.4 centimeters across all stations in SmartNet.

The following is a list of Canadian sites  that exhibited a changed of greater than 30mm (3 cm / 0.03 m) compared to existing broadcast coordinates.

Version 7.1 Broadcast Coordinate Change of greater than 30mm List

We strongly encourage customers to thoroughly review the knowledgebase articles before commencing their surveys when using SmartNET.

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